By: Juan Linietsky Jan 15, 2014

A trip down Godot Memory Lane

Godot was not always called Godot, it went through many (horrible) names, in the following order:

  • Larvotor
  • Legacy
  • NG3D
  • Larvita
  • Larvita2
  • Larvita3
  • Godot

In fact, Godot was just a code-name for what would be something else, a more general purpose engine with a proper UI instead of a set of assorted tools. We knew it would take a long time, so we used a name based on a play by Samuel Becket to represent that feeling. Eventually the name would change to something with a connection to our home country, Argentina.

In a bizarre twist of fate, at some point and well into the development of the engine, we played a video game with a character that formed that connection (bonus points to anyone who figures it out), so the engine is also named in honor to that. This is good, because the original Godot was never supposed to arrive (well, that’s one interpretation…).

History in pictures

Enough talk. So, how does more than a decade of engine development look like? Like a mess, obviously! (wait for images to load if it’s taking too long!)


We hope that future screens in the next years will be of your games, not ours!

Source: Godot Engine Official