By: Juan Linietsky Jan 14, 2014

Writing a game engine is a really difficult process which takes a long time and we realize a life is not enough to add every single feature we’d like to it. Godot has been an in-house engine for a long time and the priority of new features were always linked to what was needed for each game and the priorities of our clients.

Because of this we are opening the engine to the community so anyone can develop games using Godot and benefit from it’s amazing workflow design. We are also opening the source code with the most generous license, MIT with the hope that other developers will contribute to it and publish their games without any restriction.

We understand that for developers to gain interest, releasing incomplete software is not enough, so we are publishing, for this first version, a fully featured beta. At this point, the engine is stable and everything works, but we need the feedback and input from the “real users” to complete adjusting the experience to make it perfectly smooth.

So, thanks for your interest in Godot Engine! With your help, we want it to become the most amazing game engine the world has ever seen!

Source: Godot Engine Official